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Tree Trimming

    The most popular service in tree services is tree trimming. Tree trimming is necessary to keep on your property from overgrowing.  If your trees are expanding beyond your control, call Giraffe's Tree Service today and set up an appointment for tree trimming.  Trees should be trimmed once per year or as necessary.  If your tree is growing near power lines or close to your roof, do not postpone tree trimming until is too late.  As strong gust or wind can break a large branch off or your tree causing to break it to take down a power line or even worse, fall through your roof. 


Tree Pruning
        Many people often get confused with tree trimming and tree pruning. Tree trimming is simply cutting branches when they become too large or too dangerous. Tree pruning is performed usually when the tree is still young and maturing.  Pruning involves making strategic cuts at specific points in the tree, allowing it to grow in the direction you want while still preserving the health of the tree. If you have just planted a tree or have trees that are still maturing, give us a call, and we will come out to give your tree a professional pruning.

Tree Removal

     Cutting down trees is something everyone tries to avoid. However, when a tree is sick or dying or a major storm hits and destroys the tree, sometimes tree removal is necessary.  Our tree removal specialists have high powered equipment for even the largest trees.

Roof Clearing

     We clear roof areas over 5 or 6 ft and perform perfect cuts to preserve the health of your trees.

​Storm Damage

        When natural disasters strike, the experience of Giraffe Tree Services is a necessity. We offer 24-hour emergency service for those unexpected emergencies, storms, etc. Call us today, and request a FREE ESTIMATE!

Stump Grinding

        In addition to our tree removal services, stump  grinding must also be done once the tree is cut down. Trees are usually cut down several feet above the base, leaving an unsightly stump In your yard.  Giraffe Tree Services has special equipment to grind down the stump into small chunks and then haul it off.  Tree removal and stump grinding can be very dangerous if not handled by qualified professionals. Call Giraffe Tree Services today to set up an appointment.  We have the lowest and most competitive prices in the industry.

Hedge Trimming 

Why Prune Hedges?

  • Safety first. Hanging limbs can fall and cause injury, so it’s best to remove them right away. If you have branches that interfere with power lines, just call us  for assistance.
  • Pruning is important for a hedge’s health. Damaged and diseased branches are just extra weight on a hedge and should be removed.
  • Crossing branches make a thick cover that will keep air and sunlight from reaching the inner and lower leaves. Thinning the cover will help minimize fungus and disease. Also, heavy crossing branches can rub against each other, which damages the bark.
  • Suckers and water sprouts are undesirable growth that should be removed. Suckers are small branches that grow at the base of the hedge trunk. Watersprouts are small limbs that grow vertically on the dominant branches. Both take nutrients away from the hedge plant.
  • Pruning can direct growth. When a limb or branch is pruned, the hedge plant will grow new limbs in a different direction. That helps develop a strong branching structure.

Lawn Care

What is so important about having your lawn cared for by a professional?

Properly maintained lawns and correctly applied yard care services enable your soil to work for you and not against you. Your local lawn professional can provide services that will make your grass grow greener, more beautiful and drastically healthier than the grass in your neighbor’s lawn (since your neighbor insists on taking care of it on his or her own). Contact Us today for a beautiful, healthy lawn.

Install Sod

​     Add topsoil, if necessary, to achieve a total topsoil depth of 4-6 inches.



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